Circus Noel feature film (2019) – post production

Circus Noel is a brand directed by Dennis Bots and is scripted by Karen van Holst Pellekaan– the team behind Cool Kids Don’t CrySecrets of War and Storm Letter of Fire.

The popular AVROTROS children’s series ‘Circus Noel’is to have its own feature film next year. In this magical circus film full of adventures, twelve year old Caz secretly joins her circus friends Tony and Victor  on the road. They have to do everything they can to save the circus, even though it will test their friendship to its limits.

20×10′ tv-series & 90′ tv movie CIRCUS NOEL available too


GENRE: Adventure, Family, Romance
CAST: Tygo Gernandt, Luna Wijnands, Tommy van Lent, Samuel Reurekas, Rein Hofman
DIRECTED BY: Dennis Bots


  • Belgium – Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg – Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands


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