Dutch Design the documentary (2019) currently in production

Dutch Design the documentary is the first international documentary to tell the story be-hind the success of the Dutch Design phenomenon. How did a small country such as the Netherlands succeed in becoming a global leader in design? The film is for the global market and appeals to everyone with an affinity for art, lifestyle, and design.

The film provides an overview of design highlights in the Netherlands, starting with the establishment of the famous art movement de Stijl, of which Gerrit Rietveld was one of the leading figures. The next defining moment is at the end of World War II when the Netherlands is in ruins and has to be rebuilt. The Dutch government gives designers a vital role. State-run companies, such as the NS train service, PTT (the former post office and tele-coms provider) and Rijkspostspaarbank are given distinctive identities that significantly contribute to the image of the Netherlands. There are also Oo-tje Oxenaar’s strikingly coloured banknotes, easily distinguishable from all other country’s banknotes.

The documentary is shot in different countries and cities. The most important locations, alongside the Netherlands, are in New York, Los Angeles and Milan. The international set-ting reflects the subject’s impact.

The film is 55 minutes and will premiere in the Netherlands and New York in fall 2019. The New York premiere takes place in partnership with the Dutch consulate in New York. The premiere evening will bring together an important network that mixes the design world, the film world, politicians, and business.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTED BY: Elbe Stevens


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