Film deal for children’s book ‘Engel’ (Angel) by Isa Hoes and Vlinder Kamerling

The film rights to the children’s book Engel (Angel) by Isa Hoes and her daughter Vlinder Kamerling, to be published by Kluitman, have been sold today to Danielle Raaphorst of Incredible Film. This was announced today by literary agent Willem Bisseling, of Sebes & Van Gelderen literary agency.
Isa Hoes herself will be working on the film as creative producer, which means that she will be involved in the development of the script and casting. The project will be a reunion for her and producer Danielle Raaphorst, after working together on the successful film The Escape. Raaphorst: “Engel is not finished yet, but I have been lucky enough to have read sections of it and Isa has told me about it with great enthusiasm. I am confident that this is going to be an amazing book. This is an adventure that I am happy to go on with Isa. It feels good. I am so excited about it that I can’t wait to get started.”

Engel the film is to be an adaptation of a unique book written by Isa Hoes and her ten year old daughter Vlinder. Mother and daughter are currently working hard on the manuscript. “It is wonderful news,” says Hoes. “I never thought I would write a children’s book, let alone have a film deal even before the book is for sale!”

Publisher Kluitman is also overjoyed with the news. According to publisher Mariska Budding the deal is “a great boost for writer, book and publisher alike.”

Engel is about a young girl who has special powers: she can make wishes come true – but only for good people. It is not long before she is preyed on by people who use her gift for their own ends. Engel is kidnapped and it seems as if she has lost her special talent. But then it turns out the wishes of one of her kidnappers can come true…

Isa Hoes had her breakthrough as an author in 2013 with her novel When I saw you, about her life with Antonie Kamerling. The book has been in the CPNB Bestseller top 60 for over 85 weeks and has sold more than 300,000 copies.