Redbad (2018)

Historical action-packed epic starring Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Better call Saul, The Commuter) and Soren Malling (The Killing, Borgen) alongside Gijs Naber (Tulipani, 21 days: The Heineken K..

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Control (2017)

EFM Market screenings: 16.02 dffb-Kino 11.45, 19.02 CineStar IMAX 09.00   After The Memory of a Killer and Dossier K., Control is the exciting conclusion to the Jef Geeraerts/Vincke &..

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Prey (2016)

Dick Maas is back and he’s in terrific shape. The Dutch BIFFF regular has given us genre gems such as The Lift, Amsterdamned and Sint and had the great idea to release a lion on the Amsterdam street..

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Wild heart of Holland (2018) - 4K

EXCITEMENT, EMOTION AND HUMOUR ON THE VELUWE: THE WILD HEART OF HOLLAND From the imposing mating call of the red deer and the flight of the buzzard to the hunt of the fox and the micro-ecosystem on..

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Love over Distance (2017)

Evie is thirty, ambitious and ready for the promotion of a lifetime: a job in Rio de Janeiro! Her boyfriend has already packed the suitcases, but then it turns out that her boss has very different pla..

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No such thing as housewives (2017)

Housework is like life itself: you get one room sorted, only to find the rest of the house has gone to shit. In the comedy No such thing as housewifes, two sisters and their mother are forced to se..

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Quarterlife (2017)

Make your teenage dreams come true before you turn 30! The discovery of some high school film footage at a 30th birthday party makes four best friends realize they have fallen painfully short of th..

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Only Eline (2017)

"Only Eline" tells the story of Eline, a sociable young physiotherapist who lives together with her charming best friend. In her new job, she is assigned six year old patient Joy, who has ended up in ..

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Mistfit (2017)

Misfit is a high school comedy about Julia, a girl who returns to the Netherlands after living in America for many years. In America, life was perfect: she was popular, had a vlog with a decent amount..

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Circus Noel (2017) tv-series / tv movie

In the tradition of Dutch series ‘Merry Christmas’ (2014) and ‘Remi, Nobody’s Boy’ (2016), we present ‘Circus Noël’ (2017), an original children’s series. In 20 episodes of 10 minutes..

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The Smart Family (2017)

Max Smart is the youngest of the Smarts, a family of inventors. Max feels like he is always playing second fiddle to his big sister and his parents. All three of them are super clever inventors who wi..

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Dummie the Mummy and the tomb of Achnetut (2017)

Dummie is feeling homesick. He wants to go back to Egypt to find his parents' grave, so he can say goodbye to them. Klaas is not keen to go. He is scared of flying to Egypt, it will cost too much mone..

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Incredible Film is a Worldwide Sales Agent and a Dutch Production Company

Danielle Raaphorst launched her company Incredible Film in order to expand her work as a sales agent and independent producer.

Incredible Film has been working on becoming the worldwide sales agent for Dutch and Flemish production companies such as Farmhouse Film & TV Production, Nijenhuis & Co, Shooting Star Film Company, Phanta Vision, Kaap Holland, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Sigma Pictures, Key Film, Fu Works, In the Air, Just Productions, 2CFilm, Marmalade content, and Steven de Jong Films. Incredible Film has also spent the past years building up a large network of content distributors and TV channels all over the world. Read more…..

Since 2009, she has produced successful films such as Madly in Love and the Escape

Incredible Film also has a focus on international co-productions to support a healthy climate in the Dutch film industry, especially since the introduction of the Production Incentive by the Netherlands Film Fund in 2014, based on a 30% cash rebate. You can find more info about the Film Production Incentive here




As a sales agent Incredible Film works primary for Dutch and Flemish production companies


As producer Incredible Film is known from successful films as Madly in Love and The Escape

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