Auntie Rita’s Party (2022)

Auntie Rita’s Party is a cheerful family film about the greatest dance party of the year, including all the Minidisco smash hits (like Chu Chu Wa, Coco Loco and Dance with Auntie Rita). Theo and Lulu go on a camping holiday and they are longing to be invited to Auntie Rita’s Party. When they get to the campsite, mum Sian has a wonderful surprise for them: they have an invite to the party! But the road to the party is not without its obstacles: they can’t get there in the family car and a lion has escaped from the zoo. Once they are on their way, Theo and Lulu find that SAT and his personal chauffeur Remco are working against them, because SAT wants to win the dance competition. Can Frank Vonk (Ridder van Kooten) catch the lion in the Chu Chu Wa forest and will the cross-eyed bus driver get Theo and Lulu to the dance party on time?

English dubbing


GENRE: Adventure, Family, Kids
CAST: Edsilia Rombley, Ridder van Kooten, Pim Muda, Edo Brunner, Lucretia van der Vloot, Esther Mbire, Pietje Tomassen, Tooske Ragas, Jack van Gelder, Sil van der Zwan, Lonneke van Krimpen, Channah Hewitt, Remi de Smet, Najib Amhali
DIRECTOR: Dennis Bots

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