Katy and the stolen chickens (2022) 5×10′

Two cheeky children and two naughty chickens on an adventure

Katy and the Stolen Chickens (5×10’ or 1×47’), is a live action drama series for children aged 4-7 that follows seven-year-old Katy who helps to look after her Grandma’s chickens. A mystery unfolds as things start to go wrong when not only an egg, but also Grandma’s two favourite chickens disappear. And so, Katy sets off with her friend Lucy and an inflatable crocodile to find the egg and the chickens she promised to look after.

Episode 1

Katy doesn’t think it’s a good idea to let Granddad look after Grandma’s chickens when Grandma and Mummy go on holiday, because Granddad is afraid of chickens and only likes them in his chicken soup. Katy manages to convince Grandma that she’s the best chicken keeper, but it doesn’t take long before things go wrong. Chicken Bea’s egg has disappeared from its basket and Granddad says that there are polecats roaming around that are fond of eggs and chickens. Time for action!

Episode 2

Katy isn’t afraid of the polecat at all and she has a plan. Armed with the inflatable crocodile, she goes to investigate the strange sound in the woods. She’s unaware that the naughty and curious chickens Toosje and Betje follow her. Instead of the polecat she finds Boy, the new boy next door, in the woods. When Toosje and Betje follow Boy’s trail, they set foot on dangerous ground.

Episode 3

After the missing egg, Katy now discovers that Grandma’s favourite chickens Toosje and Betje are gone as well. Katy shares her secret with her best friend Lucy. Lucy is convinced that the polecat has stolen the chickens, and she also knows for certain that they will find them. Together they go looking for polecat tracks in the woods. But Katy and Lucy don’t realize that the crow is visiting the chicken coop again.

Episode 4

Katy’s friend Lucy almost betrays her secret, while Katy really doesn’t want Granddad to know that Grandma’s favourite chickens are missing. Because that would mean that Katy would never be allowed to look after Grandma’s chickens again. Fortunately, Katy and Lucy manage to scare off the crow. And then Lucy makes an important discovery.

Episode 5

Katy and Lucy return to the spot where Katy first met Boy, the new boy next door. Together they discover a secret hide-out near the house where Boy lives. Will they finally be able to save Toosje and Betje? And what does Boy have to do with it?


GENRE: Adventure, Kids
CAST: Katy: Maggy Mooren, Lucy: Ródae Valentijn, Boy: Brin Orij
Grandpa Niek: Sabri Saad el Hamus, Grandma Betsy: Annet Malherbe, Daddy Mo: Elbert Smelt, Mom Maud: Anna Speller
Twins: Matti en Lucas: Glenn en Scott Wever
Teacher: Nhung Dam
Chickens: Toosje, Betje, Bea

DIRECTOR: Annemarie Mooren
DURATION: 5x10' and 1x47'

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