Keet & Koen the Treasure Hunt (2015)

In Keet & Koen and the Treasure Hunt, Keet and Koen, two fairground entertainers, go in search of Bassie the Clown and Adriaan the Acrobat, who have gone missing.

Bassie and Adriaan have been kidnapped by the Earl, cousin of their arch-nemesis the Baron. Will Keet and Koen succeed in rescuing the famous duo from the clutches of the bad guys? Keet and Koen are worthy successors to Bassie & Adriaan in this exciting family adventure.

When The Baron hears that Bassie and Adriaan are getting a medal for their lifetime of rescuing people, he decides to throw a spanner in the works. He orders his cousin ‘Earl’ to kidnap Bassie and Adriaan. When Keet and Koen find out that Bassie and Adriaan are missing, they do everything they can to find them. And that turns out to be more difficult than it looks…

GENRE: Adventure, Family
CAST: Janouk Kelderman, Patrick Martens, Aad van Toor, Bas van Toor, Fabian Jansen, Fedor van Rossem, Peter Sterk, Miryanna van Reeden, Nathalie Meskens, Kees Tol
DIRECTOR: Annemarie Mooren

Sold to:

  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands


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