Lioness (2023)

Rosi has the perfect life in Suriname: she lives in a beautiful house, she has lots of friends and a passion for football. Until she has to move to the Netherlands and everything changes. Thanks to her new best friend Jitte, she is selected for the girls’ football team at her new school. However, not everyone welcomes her with open arms, as her obvious talent puts the other players’ backs up. Can Rosi realise her dream of getting into the Dutch national team without putting her new friendships at risk?

Giffoni award winning feature:

For its extraordinary ability to face adversity and pursue one’s dreams, the film is an inspiration for those struggling to overcome cultural and social barriers. Through the story of a young girl who turns difficulties into opportunities, the film conveys a powerful message of determination, resilience and personal fulfilment. It offers an authentic and engaging portrayal of an individual’s journey of growth and celebrates the power of sport in overcoming diversity. For its narrative value and emotional impact, the film deserves recognition as a testimony The ENI SPECIAL AWARD

Selected for:

  • 40th annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (CICFF40). We are delighted to inform you that Lioness has been accepted to screen at this year’s festival!  ‘In Competition’
  • We are very happy to present LIONESS @IFF SCHLiNGEL 2023 within our International Junior Film Competition as a German Premiere.
GENRE: Adventure, Family
CAST: Soumaya Ahouaoui, Alyssa van Ommeren, Yip Andjar, Apollonia Sterckx, Cees Geel, Manou Jue Cardoso, Nora Dari
DIRECTOR: Raymond Grimbergen

Sold to:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking


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