Little Crumb (2019) currently in production

LITTLE CRUMB, a sequel to the former LITTLE CRUMB, which was produced in 1999.
LITTLE CRUMB is one of Dutch’s famous franchises based on well-known novels, with over a million admissions for the film, a successful TV-series (Adventures of Little Crumb 2012) and a hit-Musical (2011), including an international succes for the film.

Production by REP Film, Rick Engelkes, who produced the series and musical. Director Diede in ’t Veld, who is now directing the series MISTER TWISTER, after the popular feature films. Screenplay by Tijs van Marle (DUMMY THE MUMMY, MISTER TWISTER and many other family films)

Reunited with his parents, Little Crumb misses his old life on the streets. Now he has to sit up straight during dinner, wear clean clothes all day (and don’t forget to keep them clean) and has to attend private lessons at home. When Little Crumb is kidnapped, he enters into an adventure in which he learns to use the best of both world to survive. Can he be home in time before his parents pay ransom and lose everything?

GENRE: Adventure, Family
DIRECTED BY: Diede in 't Veld


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