Loving Ibiza – series (8 episodes x 43′)

Overview In the series Loving Ibiza we follow the lives and romantic entanglements of Dutch people living on Ibiza. We see what their life is like on a stunning island where the sun always shines and temptations lie in wait at every turn. Thankfully, there is always a happy ending. It is Ibiza, after all.

Episode 1 Jacky decides to move to Ibiza to move in with love-of-her-life Lex., but how she feels about life with an aging rock star remains to be seen. Bibi meets a cute guy on the island, Sjoerd. They make a deal: no relationship, just sex – because anything is possible on Ibiza. World famous DJ LoTus makes a connection with the new waitress Suus.

Episode 2 Jacky and Lex really want a baby, but they are still deciding on the most effective way of making it happen. Irma is visiting Jacky when she loses her suitcase and ends up in a very peculiar situation. Sjoerd finds his vocation as a stripper at a stag night, but how does Bibi feel about this…?

Episode 3 – Rock star Lex plays a gig at the home of a rich family. Stella has a really exciting date with Marco, who is a star football player, and hopes she will never need to go back to Sjoerd’s boat house. DJ Lo wants to ask Suus out on a date, but gets dragged along to Lex’s gig so nothing comes of it. Sjoerd is slowly starting to fall in love with Bibi and makes a grand gesture, but is that really what Bibi wants?

Episode 4 – Lex has some old friends coming over for an exciting photo shoot at his place, but Lex hasn’t worked out how to tell Jacky about it yet. Sjoerd secretly gets a tattoo done of Bibi’s name and is not sure whether to show it to Bibi. Stella makes Marco and Ernst a very interesting proposal that they can’t refuse. Suus and world famous DJ Lo finally go on their romantic date – at least, as far as that is possible with someone who is world famous…

Episode 5 – Bibi’s birth mother comes to visit and causes a stir on the island. Sjoerd has a fight with Bibi, after which he decides to run off by himself. After a romantic night with DJ Lo, Suus decides it is time to go home… When Suus is spotted sneaking out of his house via the balcony, it sparks a search for the world famous DJ’s mysterious girlfriend. Ernst is having some problems with Stella and decides to do something about it.

Episode 6 – Parvatti decides to pursue her old flame Lex – something Jackie is not happy about, to say the least. Star footballer Marco gets a great offer from a football club, which means choosing between his career and love. Is he brave enough to come clean? Suus’ Dad comes to visit and she introduces him to her boyfriend DJ Lo. Bibi and Suus play a game that gets a little out of hand, and as a result Bibi discovers what is going on with Sjoerd.

Episode 7 – When Sjoerd and Bibi haven’t had sex for a few days, Bibi finds Sjoerd’s pills. Can Bibi handle his bipolar syndrome? Zara enlists the help of her pregnant sister Lizzy to sell her bikinis. Lo’s American manager turns up unannounced: the woman who can help him get ahead in his career. But Suus is wondering if he isn’t taking it a bit too far.

Episode 8 – Today is all about Jacky and Lex: they are getting married. Karla is going to make tapas for the wedding and meets an interesting man. When Lizzy and Zara organise the wedding together, Bibi decides to get Sjoerd to help her do something for her father. During this last episode, the viewers can still vote for the ending of Suus and DJ Lo’s story. Will Suus choose a life with or without Lo?


GENRE: Comedy, Romantic comedy
CAST: Manuel Broekman, Marly van der Velden, Georgina Verbaan, Sanne Langelaar, Louis Talpa, Rick Engelkes, Lone van Roosendaal, Jim Bakkum, Kees Tol, Willeke van Ammelrooy, Geza Weisz
DIRECTED BY: Johan Nijenhuis
DURATION: 8 x 43'


  • Belgium – Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg – Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Moldova
  • Tjajikistan
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Azerbayan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Belarus


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