14 year old Hajo has always dreamed of life on the high seas. The fact that his father, a respected sailor, was killed on a ship during a rough storm, does nothing to lessen his desire to leave land behind, and seek adventure beyond the shores. So when Captain Bontekoe shows up in town, recruiting for his next exciting voyage to East India, Hajo knows he has no time to lose. His mother tries her best to talk him out of it, but even she can see the sea is in her son’s blood, the same as it was in her husband’s. What follows, as Hajo climbs on board Bontekoe’s ship along with faithful friends, Padde and Rolf, is a high octane hurricane of thrills and adventure.

GENRE: Adventure, Family
CAST: Pim Wessels, Martijn Hendrickx, Billy Zomerdijk, Reena Giasi, Peter Tuinman, Sanneke Bos, Thomas Acda, Cees Geel, Chris Zegers, Rense Westra, Bas Keijzer
DIRECTED BY: Steven de Jong


  • San Marino
  • Belgium – Dutch speaking
  • Italy
  • Switzerland – Italian speaking
  • Luxembourg – Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands
  • Vatican State


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