The Gringos 2 (2023)

Featuring a diverse global cast, the comedy revisits the Van Kampen family who have just settled in their new neighbourhood and once again find themselves in a tricky situation, when they discover their home is about to be demolished. To make matters worse, Erik’s father, aka. Chief Gringo, comes to live with them, and the life the family has carefully built is thrown off balance. Appealing to international audiences, the film stands out in the Dutch market as an authentically diverse comedy.

Remake rights available too.

The Gringos 1 more than 700.000 cinema admissions in The Netherlands

The Gringos 2 more than 450.000 cinema admissions in The Netherlands and still counting (release date December 14, 2023)


GENRE: Comedy
CAST: Leo Alkemade, Leonie ter Braak, Sterre Koning, Sem van der Horst, Oussama Ahammoud, Sinan Eroglu, John Buijsman, Janice Blok, Vonneke Bonneke, Roosmarijn Wind, Leona Philippo, Margôt Ros, Izzle, Reginio ‘Rarko’ Resida, Omar Ahaddaf, Thomas Brok
DIRECTOR: Jamel Aattache

Sold to:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking


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