The legend of Family Fox (2024)

After ‘Family Fox on expedition’ the story continues with the adventurous family filmThe Legend of Family Fox’.

Teun, who works at theme park the Efteling and is asked to look after Jamie, the daughter of the park director, Indra. When Cor, the night security guard, is attacked by a ghost with a flaming sword, Teun and Jamie get caught up in solving the mystery. Who or what is this ghost, and what is it doing in the Efteling? Indra is not interested in ghost stories. Not even when famous ghost hunter and YouTube-sensation Ronny Ruygh drops by to assure her that the Efteling is haunted. He offers his services to get rid of the ghost, but Indra is convinced it is just a prank. However, Teun and Jamie discover an old book of fairy tales that used to belong to Teun’s grandfather, which describes a Burning Man who looks like the ghost in the Efteling. Convinced that there is something going on, they set out to investigate with Ronny Ruygh and Teun’s auntie Ada. They soon discover that there is something peculiar going on after hours in the deserted theme park. But is it really a ghost, or is something else hiding behind the flames?

GENRE: Adventure, Family, Kids
CAST: Levi Otto, Imani Ristie, Buddy Vedder, Raymonde de Kuyper
DIRECTOR: Bob Wilbers

Sold to:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking


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