‘A New Friend for Tummy Tom’ sleds ahead with teaser trailer

Incredible Film has debuted the snow-kissed trailer for A New Friend for Tummy Tom, the second in its line of 2D animated feature films based on the beloved Dutch kitty character.

The funny, inquisitive and slightly mischievous ginger tomcat’s next adventure was announced in November ahead of the Asia TV Forum, and is now gearing up for its European Film Market (EFM) debut .

Synopsis: In A New Friend for Tummy Tom the world of Tummy Tom and his friend Cat Mouse has suddenly changed. On a beautiful winter day they wake up with Snow! You can play and slide well in it. But something else has changed as well. A new dog on the blog turns the lives of Tummy Tom and Cat Mouse upside down. But the troublemaker end up being a good protector and a new friend.