Incredible Film has boarded animated preschool features TUMMY TOM

TUMMY TOM, the famous Dutch tomcat

Tummy Tom first appeared in Sesame Street in 1978 and Dutch publisher Gottmer started publishing Jet Boeke’s stories in 1983. Since then, millions of Tummy Tom books have been sold. In 2018, Tummy Tom celebrated his 40th birthday.

Tummy Tom is one of the bestselling children’s book characters for preschoolers and has been a household name for many generations, with 100% name recognition. You will find at least one Tummy Tom book on the shelves of almost every home in the Netherlands. And across the border Tummy Tom is no stranger either.

Tummy Tom is a funny, inquisitive, adventurous, and a slightly mischievous ginger tomcat. Together with his animal friends, he explores the world around him just like a preschooler would. The stories are funny and sometimes a bit exciting and usually take place in and around the house. 

Burny Bos, producer at BosBros: “We think it is now time for Tummy Tom to become a real movie star and want to continue the adventures of Tummy Tom in the form of feature films for toddlers and preschoolers.”

For these films the producers have developed a 2D hand-drawn animation style that is just as appealing for the target audience as the look and feel of the original Tummy Tom character. The voice-over has an important role in the films. It is a pleasant, warm voice that can sometimes read Tummy Tom’s thoughts but also provides commentary on the events. Sometimes the voice-over calls on the young audience to help Tummy Tom, for example by calling, singing along and whistling. 

“Within a four-year timeframe, we are planning to produce 4 TUMMY TOM feature films. Financing of the first film, TUMMY TOM’s TEDDYBEAR, is in place and production has started. The second one is close to being financed and the last two films are expected to be financed by the end of 2024”, reports Petra Goedings, owner of Phanta Animation.

Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO Incredible Film: “With the first film ready for delivery by Spring 2024 and the second one by December 2024, we are now starting to sell the international exploitation rights of the films. We are very much looking forward to sharing the first test footage with our partners.”


INCREDIBLE FILM, founded in 2009, has been a worldwide content distributor for over 14 years. The catalogue contains content from top independent European producers. Incredible Film offers a wide range of films and series, from family adventures to epic stories; from daytime romcoms to terrifying horror. 

PHANTA ANIMATION (since 2019) focuses on both animated films and series. At the end of 2022, the two full-length animated films MISS MOXY and TUMMY TOM’s TEDDYBEAR went into production. In 2021, the animated series PIM & POM AT THE MUSEUM, in co-production with Fiep Amsterdam (with support from the NPO and AVROTROS) was released on television. The series was nominated for two Prix Jeunesse Award and internal sales is with Incredible Film.