Incredible Film has sold the remake rights on Dutch multicultural comedy Wonderbread (aka “De Tatta’s”).

Patrick Vanden Bosch’ Belga Studios is to adapt this film into French, which has been described as a welcome change to the tired trope of the grey, desolate and dangerous backstreets, instead shining a light on the warmth and the humanity of a diverse community. The result is a multi-cultural comedy with plenty of heart.

Wonderbread, based on an original screenplay by Donny Singh and directed by Jamel Aattache, centers around Erik who wants to become super wealthy. Let’s face it: who doesn’t? He plans to buy an even bigger villa for his dysfunctional family. However, his dream is soon shattered when he makes an investment that is a little too greedy. Together with his wife, daughter, and son, he has to move from a luxury villa to a pokey little flat. They want to get out of there and back to their old life as quickly as possible. But when they get to know their new neighbors, it leads to some special friendships. Let’s hope Erik doesn’t ruin everything again.

“The film was released by Independent Films in the Dutch Cinema just before Christmas last year and achieved more than 6.7 million Box box-office (more than 600,000 admissions) in less than 6 weeks and still counting. The EFM is the first market where Incredible Film will be selling the international exploitation rights of the film, including all remake rights;” says Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO of Incredible Film. “Remake talks has begun in the USA and Spain as well”.

Patrick Vanden Bosch, CEO Belga Studios: “We are absolutely thrilled to adapt this wonderful family comedy for a French audience. We already contributed to its Dutch success. It was the first Dutch-language movie that we co-financed and it is an amazing and historical success for the company, while setting the perfect example of our strategy in today’s landscape. We want to support and finance qualitative local productions and then bring them to a global audience.”