Incredible Film takes over international sales from Mountain Road Entertainment

As from 1 July 2015, Danielle Raaphorst (Incredible Film) has taken over international film sales from Sjef Scholte (Mountain Road Entertainment Group).

Danielle Raaphorst and Sjef Scholte have been working together since 1997, initially through Sjef’s film distribution company Bridge Entertainment Group and from 2010 as film producers, both working for their own companies. They were also responsible for the international sales of many Dutch films.

These included not just films that they were involved in as producers, such as Lover or Loser, Madly in Love and The Escape (seen by 250,000 cinema viewers to date and still playing at over 50 cinemas), but also many films from Dutch production companies such as Farmhouse Film & TV Productions, Nijenhuis & Co, Shooting Star Film company, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Sigma Pictures, Key Film, Fu Works, Column Film, In the Air and Steven de Jong Films.

In reality, nothing will change, says Raaphorst. Sjef Scholte has indicated that he wants to take a step back in this area because of his production activities and I am very pleased that my company is able to take over this joint venture. I will of course continue to act as a producer as well.

From 1 July 2015, contracts will only be signed with Incredible Film. Sjef Scholte will remain involved in an advisory capacity until 31 December 2016.