Tummy Tom and the Lost Teddy Bear’ Paws to Cannes with New Trailer 

International sales agent Incredible Film today unveils the brand-new, English-language trailer for the children’s animated feature Tummy Tom and the Lost Teddy Bear (60’), the first in four planned films based on the bestselling books by Jet Boeke. Incredible Film will screen the film for the first time at the Marché du Film in Cannes.

Tummy Tom is a funny, inquisitive, adventurous and slightly mischievous ginger tomcat. Together with his animal friends, he explores the world around him just like a preschooler would. In the first film, Tom discovers something shocking: Bear is missing! Bear is his favorite cuddle toy and must be found. Luckily Tummy Tom gets help from Cat Mouse, his best friend.

The Tummy Tom movies will create an inviting theatrical experience for preschool-aged children, as they are encouraged to sing, dance and clap along with the charming tabby.

Featuring English-language narration by Tim Gunther (Good Times, Bad Times; Westenwind) Tummy Tom and the Lost Teddy Bear is directed by Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk, produced by Phanta Animation with BosBros and Eyeworks Film & TV. The 60-minute feature can also be presented as 13 five-minute episodes. The directors and producers are currently working on the second film in the series, A New Friend for Tummy Tom.

Tummy Tom (or Dikkie Dik) first appeared on the localized version of Sesame Street in The Netherlands in 1978, and Dutch publisher Gottmer started publishing the books by Boeke in 1983. Since then, millions of Tummy Tom books have been sold around the world.

Tummy Tom and the Lost Teddy Bear will screen at the Marché du Film on Thursday, May 16  and Friday, May 17 at 11:30 a.m. in Palais D. Incredible Film will also be shopping the film at Mifa in Annecy this June.