About that Life (2019)

With 2020 European Shooting Star Bilal Wahib (Paradise Drifters)

About that Life is a wild ride through Amsterdam. It is about boys who dream big and want to take on the world in their own way.

It is a comedy road movie in which you follow Bilal, Gregg and Kevin through Amsterdam for twenty-four hours. The three friends cannot wait for real life to start – once they finish school they’re going to fly! When a couple of girls dare Bilal and Gregg to meet them at a Hef concert in Jimmy Woo, they seize the opportunity with both hands. With Kevin in tow, they go all out to try and get into the club and so prove their worth. About that Life is a film about unbridled lust for life and dreams of a future full of possibilities, about young people who let nothing get in the way of making their mark on the world.

About that life is the first feature film of Amsterdam-based production company The Rogues and underlines their ambition to make films with and about free spirits that aim to challenge and touch the world around them.

GENRE: Comedy, Road movie
CAST: Bilal Wahib, Daniel Kolf, Oussama Ahammoud
DIRECTOR: Shady El-Hamus

Sold to:

  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands


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