An additional deal for the series Saïd & Anna with Norway’s NRK

Live-action preschool series Saïd & Anna (16 x 6.5 minutes) has been picked up by Norwegian pubcaster NRK, which will air it in late 2024. Centering around two besties who fix broken things at a family repair shop, the show secured its first-ever international sale in November to Sweden’s SVT. 

Saïd & Anna, which had its premiere at MIPJnr this year, follows best friends Saïd (6) and Anna (7) who hang out every day in the repair shop, run by Saïd’s parents. While broken things from the locals are given a new life by using the right tools, the children also discover how to find solutions to their own challenges, in a creative and collaborative way, which inspires young viewers to do the same. Following its Dutch launch, the series scored a market share of 49% in its first week on air.

The live-action series is a coproduction between three public broadcasters – the Netherlands’ EO / NPO Zappelin, Germany’s SWR / Kika, and Belgium’s VRT / Ketnet – offering original and high-quality live action content for young audiences, with international appeal. The series incorporates important themes for its young audience, including reflecting a diverse and inclusive reality and environmentalism.

Saïd & Anna joins Incredible Film’s varied slate of diverse films and series for EFM, including the on-screen adaption of the best-selling children’s book, Miss Vomit and The Magical Ring (trailer available here) and two films from the animated Tummy Tom collection, Tummy Tom and The Lost Teddy Bear, and A New Friend For Tummy Tom. The distributor has also released the first teaser trailer from the new winter film here.