A New Friend for Tummy Tom – currently in pre production (2024)

Tummy Tom, the famous Dutch tomcat who first appeared in Sesame Street in 1978 becomes a MOVIE STAR!. 

Tummy Tom is an animated film series based on bestselling children’s books. Tummy Tom is a funny, inquisitive, adventurous, and slightly mischievous ginger tomcat. Together with his animal friends, he explores the world around him just like a preschooler would.

In A New Friend for Tummy Tom the world of Tummy Tom and his friend Cat Mouse has suddenly changed. On a beautiful winter day they wake up with Snow! You can play and slide well in it. But something else has changed as well. A new dog on the blog turns the lives of Tummy Tom and Cat Mouse upside down. But the troublemaker end up being a good protector and a new friend

Completed by November 2024.

English dubbing available!

GENRE: Adventure, Animation, Pre-school
CAST: Narrator to be announced
DIRECTOR: Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk
DURATION: 1x60' or 13x5'

Sold to:

  • Belgium - Dutch speaking


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