Desperate (2008)

DESPERATE is the third box office smash hit from the famous Dutch author, Cary Slee. Her films appeal to mainstream family audiences and gross millions through theatrical and DVD releases as well as TV broadcasts.

DESPERATE is how a young boy feels when his father dies unexpectedly from a fatal heart attack.

 DESPERATE is how a young girl feels when she tries to become a super model just to please her overbearing mother.

Paco and Yara and their friends are happy teenagers, working on an after school project that brings together her talents as a graphic artist and his as a DJ.

Yara has a crush on Paco, but he doesn’t seem to notice because he thinks he’s in love with the most popular girl at their school. To impress her, he borrows his father’s car to take her out on a date. When his father catches him, he makes Paco promise never to drive again until he is old enough to get his driver’s license.

One day when Paco and his father are out together, his father suddenly falls ill. They are driving on the motorway and Paco’s first instinct is to grab the wheel and drive to a hospital. Then he remembers his promise to his father, so he pulls the car over to the side of the road and calls for help. By the time the ambulance arrives, it is too late to save his father.

 Paco blames himself for his father’s death. He starts drinking, staying out all night and missing school. No one can get through to him but Yara, but she has problems of her own.

Yara’s mother is pushing her to become a supermodel, but she doesn’t have the slim figure the other girls do, so to please her mother, she secretly stops eating and before she knows it, she has become anorexic.

Together Paco and Yara help each other out of their desperate situations. Soon they are on the road to recovery, and together, they look forward to a future that is bright, happy and full of promise.

GENRE: Drama, Romance, Teen movie
CAST: Marius Gottlieb, Marloes van der Wel, Robin Martens, Roos Smit, Ilias Ojja, Niels van Oosthoek, Renee Soutendijk, Monic Hendrickx, Victor Low
DIRECTOR: Dave Schram

Sold to:

  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands


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