Bastard (2019)

Grief is a necessary evil

Two years after the tragic loss of his older brother, Daan, aged 17, has unwantedly become the head of a trauma-torn family. Because his father has taken flight in work, Daan feels forced to take care of his mother. The weight of grief seems impossible to overcome until the family meets homeless teenager Radja. Daan’s mother grasps this opportunity to fill the void and offers the unknown boy shelter in the family home. Once Daan realizes that Radja steadily develops power over his mother, he decides to delve into the newcomer’s mysterious past. Soon he fears that the intruder may have all the features of a psychopath…

GENRE: Drama, Psychological thriller
CAST: Spencer Bogaert, Tine Reymer, Bjarne Devolder, Koen De Bouw
DIRECTED BY: Mathieu Mortelmans


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