First Kiss (2018)

First Kiss, the film about make-up, social media, love and friendship. First Kiss is about a cosmetics company of the same name that is number 1 in lipstick sales but finds a fierce competitor in cosmetics company Couleur de Paris.

First Kiss is a small yet successful cosmetics company, specialized in creating lipstick. Susan (45) heads the company and turned First Kiss into a trendy endeavor, perfect for the modern age. Roos (18) is Susan’s daughter and a true 21st-century kid. She creates vlogs and hosts her own talk show called “Give Roos a Kiss”, in which she and other teenage girls discuss boys, love and relationships. First Kiss major competitor is Couleur de Paris, a cosmetics enterprise owned by Susan’s sister Jeanette. Jeanette is a tough business woman who has her heart set on acquiring First Kiss.
When Susan refuses the offer of a take over, Jeanette wants revenge and does everything in her power to destroy First Kiss. To execute her plan, she pays handsome photographer Yannick to pretend to help Roos with filming her vlog. Roos falls for him and the feeling is mutual. It seems as if nothing can stand in the way of a relationship, until Jeanette forces Yannick to sabotage First Kiss’s new lipstick. It is the end of the world to Roos. Yannick disappears without a trace and First Kiss is on the brink of bankruptcy…..



GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Teen movie
CAST: Leontine Borsato, Caroline De Bruijn, Stijn Fransen, Buddy Verder, Vajen van den Bosch, Monique Smit

Social Media Stars:
Queen of Jetlags | Instagram 700.000 | YouTube 100.00
Koen Kardashian | Instagram 86.000 | YouTube 12.012
Marije Zuurveld | Instagram 248.000 | YouTube 263.227
Jeroen van Holland | Instagram 164.000 | YouTube 243.674
Jessie Maya | Instagram 144.000 | YouTube 234.588
Girlys Blog | Instagram 181.000 | YouTube 316.833
Precious Bostelaar | Instagram 9.723 |
Manou Jue Cardoso | Instagram 67.000 | YouTube 21.520
DIRECTOR: Roy Poortmans

Sold to:

  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • Luxembourg - Dutch speaking
  • The Netherlands


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