A sales agent, working in the Dutch film industry

✔ Worldwide sales agent

✔ Flemish and Dutch productions

✔ Independent distributor

Based in the Netherlands, Incredible Film, is a worldwide sales agent within the film industry. Furthermore it is a production company with a lot of knowledge and experience in the Dutch movie and entertainment industry. In 2009, the company was launched by Danielle Raaphorst: a former producer and acquisitions manager at a film distribution company. As a professional sales agent, Incredible Film is linked to a wide range of Dutch production companies, such as Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Nijenhuis & Co and Sigma Pictures.

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A film distributor with a lot of connections in the film industry

Throughout the years, Incredible Film has been working on becoming an important sales agent and independent distributor of Dutch movies to make Dutch entertainment available worldwide. Our current slate contains a wide range of movies, created by production companies that are active in the film industry in The Netherlands: from family and teen movies to thrillers and action films. Due to our extensive variation of genres, we grew out to be a versatile partner within the Dutch movie and entertainment industry.

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Are you an international film distributor, interested in buying Dutch movie rights to broaden the availability of this form of entertainment? As a professional in the film industry, based in the Netherlands, we would love to discuss the possibilities for worldwide distribution. Do you have specific questions about our range of Dutch movies or would you like to gain more information on our expertise? Contact us by calling +31 (0)6 53948 986 or send an e-mail to danielle@incrediblefilm.nl.