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If you are an international film distributor, looking to buy scenario remake rights of Dutch movies, Incredible Film can help. We are a worldwide sales agent as well as a Dutch production company. Incredible Film was launched by Danielle Raaphorst, a former producer and acquisitions manager at a film distribution company, in order to expand her work as an sales agent and independent producer.

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Scenario remake rights for international film distribution

In the past years, we have been working on becoming the worldwide sales agent for Dutch and Flemish production companies, such as Farmhouse Film & TV Production, Nijenhuis & Co and 2CFilm. As an experienced sales agent, active in the film industry in The Netherlands, we sell Dutch movie rights, such as scenario remake rights, to film distributors worldwide. Our range of Dutch movies is wide and diverse in genre: from feel-good family and teen movies to psychological thrillers and horror films.

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Are you interested in buying the scenario remake rights of a certain Dutch movie? Discover our range of films and get in touch with us for more information in regard to the costs and possibilities. You can contact us by calling +31 (0)6 53948 986 or sending an e-mail to Together we can find the content most suiting movie rights for your wishes.