Foodies (2022)

Foodies is a sparkling, refreshing romantic comedy starring Turkish Dutch Sinan Eroglu (known for Evli ve Öfkeli)

Soundtrack by Sinan Eroglu & Karsu Dönmez, Turkish Dutch singer, and food chef in 24 Kitchen (recent performance in Istanbullu Gelin).

What would you do to get your dream job, true love and the courage to be yourself? Sam (32) is a popular food blogger whose childhood dream was to write her own cookbook. When she accidentally writes a bad review for a restaurant run by the young, passionate chef that she happens to have fallen in love with, she digs herself into an ever deeper hole. Not only her career and her lifelong dream are at risk, but also her shot at a relationship in which she can genuinely be herself.
GENRE: Feel good, Romantic comedy
CAST: Sanne Vogel, Sinan Eroglu, Sanne Langelaar, Holly Mae Brood, Ilse Warringa, Roué Verveer, Anneke Blok, Ziarah Janssen, Erik van Muiswinkel, Loek Peters
DIRECTOR: Mannin de Wildt


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