Only Eline

“Only Eline” tells the story of Eline, a sociable young physiotherapist who lives together with her charming best friend. In her new job, she is assigned six year old patient Joy, who has ended up in a rehabilitation centre after a car accident. It is not long before Eline realises that the key to Joy’s recovery is her father, a punctual and mysterious young businessman who has become entirely focused on himself and his work after the accident. Determined to help Joy, Eline confronts Lars, but in the process they find themselves becoming increasingly drawn to each other. It is the start of conflict, humour and romance.

GENRE: Drama
CAST: Line Pillet, Morag Campbell, Yannick De Coster, Mathias Van Mieghem, Marleen Merckx
DIRECTOR: Hugo Van Laere

Sold to:

  • Belgium - Dutch speaking
  • China


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