Prey (2016)

Dick Maas is back and he’s in terrific shape. The Dutch BIFFF regular has given us genre gems such as The Lift, Amsterdamned and Sint and had the great idea to release a lion on the Amsterdam streets. Prey is a feast for hemoglobin lovers. Head are severed, entrails pulled out and limbs are flying all over the place. Maas spares nothing and no-one and shows no mercy. The plot doesn’t take itself too seriously and contains many jokes, which allows you to relax a bit in between all the horror.

A family is found slaughtered on a farm nearby Amsterdam. The police don’t find any clues as to who or what did this, but Lizzie, who’s a vet at the Amsterdam zoo, recognizes the mutilations from her time in Africa and suspects this is the work of one very big lion. At first her claims are not taken seriously until a bunch of new victims are ripped apart. Our feline has chosen Amsterdam as its hunting ground. The authorities bring in the English wheelchair-bound big game hunter Jack. Lizzie has to collaborate with him and at the same time keep her boyfriend Dave in check, who’s a reporter with a sensationalist TV-channel. And the lion is hungry, really really hungry!


GENRE: Horror, Thriller
CAST: Sophie van Winden, Julian Looman, Mark Frost, Victor Löw, Rinus Krul

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