Save Sandra (2021)

The film is a dramatization of the true story of the family massart, portraited by Sven De Ridder and Darya Gantura, who fought against the pharmaceutical industry to save the life of their 6 year old daughter Sandra (Rosalie Charles) who is diagnosed with MLD, a rare hereditary disease.

Completely out of the blue, William and Olga Massart receive the shock diagnosis that their only daughter, six-year old Sandra, has MLD, a rare muscular disease. She has roughly one year to live. As the family’s world crumbles, the father refuses to give up hope and he engages in a fierce battle with the pharmaceutical industry.

“I would do ANYTHING to save my child” – Willem Massart.

Save Sandra is the first artistic collaboration between the couple Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert both with extensive careers in film production.  Willaert wrote the screenplay based on the true and highly topical story of the Massart family, a story that ten years ago deeply touched media and public opinion in Belgium and far beyond.

Hope International Film Festival Stockholm 2021:

Winner Best Screenplay: Lien Willaert, Winner Best Actor: Sven De Ridder

The judges were full of praise for the actors. Sven won the award, but Rosalie Charles and Darya Gantura were also mentioned for their stunning performances. ‘The film is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. The story is deeply moving, but because of the way Sandra’s childlike world is integrated into the film (partly through animation) it is also very funny and not too heavy,” the judges’ report said. 

Language: Flemish, French, English, Russian; available with English subtitles


About the arbitrariness of fate, about quality of life, about political responsibilities and about an unequal struggle. Cinevox

Save Sandra not only tells a compelling story of a family in crisis, the film also exposes a current issue about the responsibilities of the pharmaceutical industry. Something that concerns us all right now! Peter Craeymeersch, Artistic Director, Film Festival Ostend

Emotional, relevant and topical. Readmylips, The Speakers Office

About the world we live in, about personal moral dilemmas, about ethical societal questions, about who we are and how we want to be, as people. Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert


GENRE: Biopic, Drama
CAST: Sven de Ridder, Darya Gantura, Rosalie Charles, Viviane de Muynck
DIRECTOR: Jan Verheyen, Lien Willaert


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