Scream Week (2016)

Scream Week is a sensual, tongue-in-cheek thriller about six friends – 3 girls and 3 guys – who have been planning a wild week away at a festival. But their week of sailing and partying gets off to a mysterious start: who booked the gigantic villa for them? Is it their new, quiet house mate, who was involved in a dark episode from their past that they would rather forget? Who cares, let’s get the party started! But when Merel starts getting serious nightmares, sees masked figures around the villa and one of her friends develops bizarre side effects from a drug cocktail, the holiday turns into a gruelling nightmare…

GENRE: Horror / slasher, Thriller
CAST: Carolien Spoor, Jelle de Jong, Jord Knotter, Holly Brood, Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing, Jonas de Vuyst, Ferry Doedens, Kimberly Klaver, Marly van der Velden, Rutger Vink, Diederik Ebbinga, Sanne Langelaar, David Lucieer, Frank Lammers
DIRECTOR: Martijn Heijne

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