The Revelation (2022)

A wonderfully hysterical conspiracy horror story

Jacob, anxious and recently unemployed, moves in with his widowed mother at the start of the first lockdown. He is determined to protect her from the virus. Both of them are still mourning the recent death of Jacob’s father. Soon, however, it becomes clear that her obsessive son may be a greater threat to his mother than the virus itself. His sister Magda looks on in disbelief as Jacob falls under the influence of an internet conspiracy-theorist and slowly but surely loses his mind.


 “The Revelation is funny, scary and cinematically well done. Thanks to some clever camera work, the house starts to feel more and more horrifically claustrophobic, which may well be recognisable to some of the viewers from their recent experiences during the pandemic.”

The Revelation, shot from the skewed point of view of a paranoid man, exposes how horror is interwoven with our daily life.”

“Löw’s Jacob is annoying, funny, sometimes endearing, and ultimately scary. Above all, like every good monster, he is someone we feel sorry for.”

The Revelation may start off as a black comedy about the coronavirus pandemic, but it is not long before the tone becomes darker.”

The Revelation is a wonderfully satirical COVID-thriller.”


GENRE: Horror, Psychological thriller
CAST: Leny Breederveld, Victor Löw, Monic Hendrickx
DIRECTOR: Chris Mitchell


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