Auntie Rita's Party (2022)

In a whacky musical cinema adventure, Theo and Lulu go on holiday to a campsite to experience an exciting journey through the Chu Chu Wa forest on their way to Auntie Rita's party - the largest annual..

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The biggest Slime Movie (2022)

Indy is back in the latest, biggest and most adventurous film in the Slime movie series! In the Biggest Slime Movie Ever, something awful happens: an important slime ingredient runs out, causing a glo..

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Foodies (2022)

Foodies is a sparkling, refreshing romantic comedy starring Turkish Dutch Sinan Eroglu (known for Evli ve Öfkeli) Soundtrack by Sinan Eroglu & Karsu Dönmez, Turkish Dutch singer, and food c..

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Nowhere (2022)

Ex-lorry driver Andy (55) spends his time doing up a neglected roadside cafe. His quiet life is thrown into turmoil when he surprises TJ, a homeless teenager, in an attempted burglary. Moved by his st..

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The Revelation (2022)

A wonderfully hysterical conspiracy horror story Jacob, anxious and recently unemployed, moves in with his widowed mother at the start of the first lockdown. He is determined to protect her from th..

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Kidnapped! (2022)

An eight-year-old troublemaker must prevent himself and his stepsister from being kidnapped by a pair of clumsy criminals during their family cruise holiday KIDNAPPED! takes place on board the crui..

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Pim & Pom at the Museum 26x5' (2021)

Pim & Pom at the Museum: a preschool 2D animated series (26×5′) based on world famous works of art  Pim and Pom, two little cats, take the children on an adventure in the fascinating world..

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Nerds with Attitude (2021) web series

A teen comedy series about three nerds who decide that the only way they’ll ever be popular in high school is by starting a hip-hop group. But it’s easier said than done... The series..

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Charlie Cooper - The Egg Mystery (2021)

Who hasn’t heard of her? Charlie Cooper, a fierce girl with a lively imagination, is the youngest of the mysterious Coopers family, all sailors by trade. The adventures of the Coopers are so outr..

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Raspberries with Mustard (2021)

Death is nothing out of the ordinary for Meeri, a funeral home director’s daughter. She talks to the bodies like they are old friends and secretly adds notes to her deceased mother to their coffins...

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The Kameleon Chained Up (2021)

Sietse and Hielke are the Skippers of the Kameleon! In this 3rd feature Hielke and Sietse experience their biggest adventure yet! This time it looks like it is the end of the road for the twins,..

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Save Sandra (2021)

The film is a dramatization of the true story of the family massart, portraited by Sven De Ridder and Darya Gantura, who fought against the pharmaceutical industry to save the life of their 6 year old..

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Life as Liesje (2021)

In the documentary series ‘Life as Liesje’, Mildred Roethof follows Liesje, a young woman from Rotterdam. After becoming the victim of the biggest gang rape the Netherlands has ever known, she los..

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Good Bad Girl (2021)

An ambitious young detective inspector clashes with her superiors An ambitious young detective inspector, Alize (23), has only just returned from maternity leave when she is tasked with investigati..

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A Baby for Gerri (2021)

Internet celebrity Gerri and the heavily pregnant Anneke sold their flat and are temporarily living at a bungalow park. To get enough funds to buy their dream house, they agree to participate in a Rea..

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From Gerri With Love (2020)

While everyone is at home because of the Corona virus, chemistry teacher Gerri van Vlokhoven (45) goes viral in his white underwear. During an inspired virtual lesson to his high school students, ..

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Suriname (2020)

We are all destined to die Suriname is a compelling story about the consequences of power blocs, corruption and inflated egos. When Righter decides to run for president in the Suriname elections..

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Mi Vida (2019)

MI VIDA is a film about a courageous and determined 63-year-old woman who turn her lifelong dreams into reality. It is a film about a woman who puts her own happiness first and defies the expectations..

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Morten (2019)

MORTEN  (8x50’) is a political thriller about betrayal, power and temptation.  Peter Paul Muller (Morten Mathijsen) plays the Frank Underwood of Dutch politics. Morten Mathijsen is a man who s..

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April, May and June (2019)

Deeply moving and hilariously funny Three half sisters from three different fathers are faced with the imminent death of their mother and ask themselves: 'Where do we stand? What are we to each oth..

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Shit Happens (2019)

A recognizable story about one family's struggles with Alzheimer's disease Shit Happens is not a film about dementia and illness. It's a film about the dawning realization that a family must be mo..

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About that Life (2019)

With 2020 European Shooting Star Bilal Wahib (Paradise Drifters) About that Life is a wild ride through Amsterdam. It is about boys who dream big and want to take on the world in their own way...

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Redbad the legend (2018)

now also available as mini-series 4x50' The road to freedom is paved in blood From the director of epic fantasy favorite, Black Sail, and starring Breaking Bad'sJonathan Banks is historical ..

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Bastard (2019)

Daan is the 17-year-old son of a well-to-do-middle-class family. Two year ago, his brother died in a car accident for which he still blames himself. One day, his mother lodges a homeless teenager, who..

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The Conductor (2018)

The heart of a woman, the soul of an artist The film ‘The Conductor’ is based on the true story of the Dutch born Antonia Brico. In the late 1920’s she was the world’s first woman who succe..

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Prey (2016)

Dick Maas is back and he’s in terrific shape. The Dutch BIFFF regular has given us genre gems such as The Lift, Amsterdamned and Sint and had the great idea to release a lion on the Amsterdam street..

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Admiral (2015)

“Wars are fought by many History is made by few” Holland is the first republic in Europe. The royalist Orangists seek to put the young, unfit and alleged homosexual William III (‘King Billy’..

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Wild (2018) - 4K

EXCITEMENT, EMOTION AND HUMOUR ON THE VELUWE: THE WILD HEART OF HOLLAND From the imposing mating call of the red deer and the flight of the buzzard to the hunt of the fox and the micro-ecosystem on..

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Vicious (2019)

Four teenage girls get snowed in at a remote cottage. When one of them disappears, their friendship is at stake and deeply buried secrets are laid bare. High school friends Kim, Abby, Feline and ne..

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The even bigger Slime Movie (2021)

Slime creator Indy has to come up with a cool new slime recipe for a big Slime Gala. When she secretly adds octopus slime to her recipe, it results in some magical colours. This is the best slime she ..

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The Big Slime Movie (2020)

Indy and her BFF Olivia are, like every other child in the world, obsessed with slime! At an International Slime Day they take part in a competition to make the most original slime. The only person w..

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Angel (2020)

Angel (11) is a shy, clumsy girl who can't say no and likes to be at home. Home is a haven, with her brilliant parents, her lovely cat Saturn and her crazy uncle Toby, who babysits when her parents ha..

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Family Fox on Expedition (2020)

During the annual family weekend in a theme park, eleven-year-old Teun discovers that his recently deceased grandfather left him one last scavenger hunt inside the park. Although most adults think..

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Little Crumb (2020)

In 1999, the film Little Crumb took the world cinemas by storm, attracting more than a million visitors. Now in 2020, the time has come for a new adventure. In this brand new film, Race to the Gold Mi..

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A worldwide sales agent, offering Dutch movie rights

Incredible Film is a Dutch production company and worldwide sales agent, selling Dutch and Flemish movie rights for international film distribution. In 2009, Danielle Raaphorst launched the company in order to expand her work as a sales agent and independent producer. Ever since, she has produced successful films, such as Madly in Love (2013), The Escape(2015) and (2020).

Offer Dutch movie rights for international film distribution

As an independent distributor of Dutch films and movie rights, Incredible Film has been working on becoming the worldwide sales agent for both Dutch and Flemish production companies, such as Farmhouse Film & TV Production, Nijenhuis & Co, Shooting Star Film Company, Phanta Vision, Kaap Holland, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Sigma Pictures, Key Film, Fu Works, In the Air, Just Productions, 2CFilm, Marmalade content and Steven de Jong Films. Over the past years, Incredible Film has been building up a large network of content distributors and TV channels all over the world as well. 

The Film Production Incentive 

Incredible Film also has a focus on international co-productions to support a healthy climate in the Dutch film industry, especially since the introduction of the Production Incentive by the Netherlands Film Fund in 2014, based on a 30% cash rebate. Read more about the Film Production Incentive

Contact us 

As a worldwide sales agent, Incredible Film sells Dutch movie rights to distributors all around the world. For more information in regard to buying Dutch movie rights and our portfolio, please contact us. 


Our catalogue contains content from top independent European producers. Read more »


As producer Incredible Film is known from successful films as Madly in Love, The Escape and Angel.

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